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Create elevations within seconds and transfer them to a CNC machining center (without going the long way round).  Almost all CNC machining centers can be controlled by LogiKal®. BEST has existing relationships with BJM, Elumatec, Emmegi, Fischer (FMB), Handymann, FOM, Mecal, Schüco (Emmegi, BJM) and Tekna. Also, CNC machining centers which can be controlled by NCX like Nikom or Maka. LogiKal® performs the collision control and loads tools from the machine tool file. Then the program creates a complete tool and orientation assignment for delivery to the CNC software.

All tools are checked for collisions with the extrusions. This allows the creation of collision-free machining files (tool-extrusion-collision). If a profile cannot be machined in one clamp orientation the program splits up the machining in different clamp orientations. For instance, if the CNC machine only allows machining from 3 sides and you have CNC on the 4th side then LogiKal® will direct the CNC operator to rotate the extrusion for additional machining.



Fab Drawings

Bar Drawings and Machining

The fabrication drawings module and machining is an essential tool for all fabricators. Automatically generate complete fabrication drawings with the click of a button for Storefronts, Doors, or Curtainwalls. With LogiKal® you don’t have to create the drawings by hand anymore.

When creating elevations, LogiKal® automatically identifies machining for connections, notches and hardware. The intelligent hardware manager enables you to select door hardware quickly. LogiKal® automatically runs collision checks on the selected hardware. During this process LogiKal® takes into account both the hardware location and material it is applied to. For instance, LogiKal® “knows” the maximum space which needs to be milled out for a lock. Knowing this allows LogiKal® to calculate the actual material to be machined and automatically generates the required depth tables. LogiKal® displays the calculated machining in multiple ways - in the module Fabrication Drawings & Machining, as CAD drawing or as printouts. Users can also view to scale in a machinings in the LogiKal® 3D viewer.

Fabrication Drawings can also be transferred directly to LogiKal®-CAD, AutoCAD or other external CAD systems. LogiKal® reduces the possibility of mistakes while creating fabrication drawings of individual extrusions. If you want to transfer fabrication drawings directly to a machining center, then simply use the modules for controlling CNC machining centers – for single profile machining as well as machining of the entire stock length.

Saw Control LogiKal® writes saw cutting files for all common saws which are able to import data. The cut optimization is transferred to the saw file. The file can be transferred to the saw by USB drive or directly through your network if applicable. The saw files also includes bar code information which allows the scanner at the CNC machine to process the work.


Structural Analysis

LogiKal® contains the ability to run preliminary structural design according to ASCE and UBC standards. Wind loads can either be determined manually or calculated automatically by LogiKal®. Set your building Occupancy catagory, base wind speed and Exposure Catagory with just a CLICK. A wind load map supports your orientation and helps to recognize areas. If the wind load has been provided by a wind tunnel test then you can also enter the value directly. Values you set up in LogiKal‘s® Structural Analysis module can be saved as defaults and called up on every job.

Beam Analysis:  LogiKal®’s beam statics module calculates the required moment of inertia (Ix) for each individual vertical and horizontal. The program considers vertically installed Storefront, Windows, Door and Curtainwall elements for wind load. In Storefront, Doors and Curtainwalls, horizontals are always applied as single span beams. For Curtainwall vertical mullions, continuous beam theory is applied, the number of spans and their dimensions are considered. Spans are defined by the input of intermediate supports.


Fab Drawings

CAD Suite 2D

CAD-SUITE 2D Are you drawing a lot and want a simple and user-friendly CAD? We have the solution! LogiKal® CAD Suite 2D matches your needs. From a simple drawing to complex constructions – with LogiKal® CAD Suite 2D everything is easy.


LogiKal® contains an internal CAD which is easy to use and user-friendly. The clear arrangement of all functions enables users to find the ideal tool for fast and accurate drafting. Drawing of sill flashing, brake metal, insulation, guidelines, etc. can be created easily and quickly by the LogiKal® CAD. Drawing objects can be selected and edited at any time. Automatically assigned labels speed the process. Frequently used drawings may be saved as blocks. Changes are performed in the block manager and automatically updated throughout the entire drawing. Drawing objects may be placed on different layers.

DWG and DXF files can be imported smoothly into LogiKal® CAD. The user also has the ability to save existing drawings as DWG and DXF files. Furthermore, the formats BMP, JPEG, EMF, PS and ZIP are available.


It is possible to access external CAD programs such as AutoCAD through an interface. In addition to all basic drawing functions, LogiKal® CAD provides very special functions too. If, for instance, you generate whole cross-section drawings of profile combinations including glass, a wizard will assist the user to input all essential details, i.e. base profiles, vents, glass and gaskets. Curtainwall sections and extrusion configurations are easily and quickly created with a wizard. From the system and the profiles you are also able to select the type and the angle of corners. A standard item generator allows you to draw screws, steel beams and timber profiles quickly. Cross sections of individual elevations are imported into CAD by the cross-section module. Users have the possibility to export elevations and plans along with assembly lists as drawings also. With the aid of well-arranged dialogues, the user can choose which information shall be shown in the drawing.


Use information from LogiKal® in external CAD systems. Rely on our 2D interface to external CAD packages. From within your CAD System, you can start LogiKal®, i.e. from within AutoCAD, a user can run LogiKal®. A specially developed toolbar enables you to get quick access to numerous LogiKal® functions. You will be A CLICK AHEAD with LogiKal®. 30 2D INTERFACE FOR CAD SYSTEMS DWG/DXF The standard DWG and DXF formats allow you to quickly move drawings between different CAD systems. Create drawings in LogiKal® CAD save them as DWG or DXF files then open them in external CAD systems. You also have the possibility to import drawings from other CAD systems into LogiKal® CAD. Users are capable of saving in the following formats:BMP, JPEG, EMF, PS and ZIP.

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