Creating Elevations

The user friendly interface of LogiKal promotes a quick learning curve.  Easy entry of Storefronts, Doors & Curtainwalls is fast in the Input of Elevations section.  Pre-define metal groups in system preferences and always have the same material applied to your elevations as you build them. LogiKal guides users through the whole input process reducing errors and increasing productivity. Design geometry quickly and customize elevations, change profiles, add hardware and glass. As users input elevations LogiKal automatically checks elevations for technical feasibility. For example, LogiKal warns the user if the connection between two mullions is non-standard and if additional attention is required for estimation and fabrication. Add wind load and dead load clips to get comprehensive elevations as well as complete material take-offs and orders. LogiKal can create arched frames and pitched frames with just a click.


Insert elevations from other jobs or copy and mirror existing elevations in the same job. Use LogiKal built-in Elevation Library to store your standard elevation and insert them on the fly.


In addition, the door wizard allows for quick and easy creation and inclusion of standard and custom doors from the major manufacturers.



Based on your input and supplier price information saved in the database, LogiKal calculates the purchasing costs for the entire project. With the aid of your historical overhead and labor costs, the complete production costs are calculated and added to the estimation for profiles, doors, hardware, and accessories. The user determines whether all elevations or single elevations are estimated. Up charges on wastage can be defined by you or calculated by LogiKal. Estimation data for separate clients can be added to LogiKal. For instance, if you contract with the GSA (U.S. General Services Administration), you may have one set of prices for Labor and Overhead and you may give your best customer a separate rate for Labor and Overhead. With LogiKal you can preset these separate rates.


At the press of a button, you have your order list and total cost in the form of the Material Analysis Detail Report.  At the press of another button, a quotation created for your customer customized with your logo.  When the quote becomes a job, another button creates a clean order for your favorite metal supplier.


     (graphic:  Material analysis, Estimation, quotation)



Estimation (single elevation) Material Analysis (with pricing) Rollover to zoom Click to open image in new tab



While there is no understating the value of our sophisticated estimating capability within LogiKal and the associated manufacturers’ databases, a margin of error in estimating can have less dire financial consequences on a project than inaccurate fabrication details. Our focus on fabrication detailing is in recognition of the need for accuracy during the assembly stage. Combined with the integration between the curtain wall/storefront manufacturers’ database, our software, and most of the high availability CNC manufacturers, our objective is to minimize project risk due to fabrication errors.

Furthermore, LogiKal reporting features a pictorial and numeral Cut Optimization ensuring clarity on the shop floor.  All extrusions within a job are optimized reducing wastage to a minimum. A picture shows the extrusion orientation of the saw and the order of the individual lengths to be cut. LogiKal® will also consider residual lengths or existing stock. The program calculates the optiminal lengths.

(Cut Optimization graphic)



Project Management

Importing pdf and Microsoft files, storing customer information for easy recall, and on-site project management tools help ensure efficiency in your office, shop, and in the field.

Assembly List Report (TAG Drawings) The elevations are sorted by position and broken down into individual extrusions. LogiKal® provides a complete tag drawing. This allows the shop to know exactly where each piece of metal is placed on every elevation. This Assembly list also shows the location of every piece of glass.

Installation Plan Report Create installation plans for your field crew with a click. Print elevation related overviews. This report provides the installation crew with a layout of all the elevations they must install for a period of time providing the following information: Number of elevations, size of elevations, number of lites that must be glazed and total linear footage of sealant required.


LogiKal® now gives you the ability to break larger elevations into smaller ones depending on how you plan on fabricating and installing the elevations. Have an elevation that has multiple frame sizes but only one call out? You can now Split the elevation into multiple and adjust your frame sizes accordingly.


Supported Databases

Curtain Wall, Storefront, and Door databases available from the following North American manufacturers:


EFCO (also available in E-Solution Pro)

YKK (also available in Ycalc X5)



Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope



Additional databases from European Profile Suppliers also available:







Custom Database:

For fabricators and manufacturers with their own Curtain Wall, Storefront, and/or Door Systems, a custom database can be constructed providing you with all of the benefits and functionality of LogiKal within your own closed system.

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