The PrefWise module is used to enter engineering data. This core data provides our knowledge-based system with the ability to accurately depict fenestration products.


A rules-based system that is user-friendly with graphical user interfaces, PrefWise allows for all of PrefSuite’s other modules to function in a completely integrated fashion, including the back-end ERP modules that control your business. This integration reduces re-keying of information or maintenance of multiple systems, leading to a reduction in overall costs and an increase in workplace productivity.


PrefWise allows the system to generate materials automatically depending on the model geometry and composition, and can import data contained in dxf files or excel tables in order to streamline the database building process.


Estimation (single elevation)

                                                (Computer Aided Design)


PrefCAD is a proprietary computer aided design engine that is used for the design and modeling of fenestration products.


Even though the module is user-friendly and does not require the user to be intimately familiar with a CAD system, PrefCAD models are designed with high precision. This allows on-the-fly three dimensional rendering for the valuation (quote) and production (order) of the building envelope design, complete with accurate cost calculations in real time.

PrefCAD allows the user to define a gallery of generic fenestration models or utilize a build-on-the-fly process for dynamic complex mulled configurations to be created and validated.


All configurations can be tailored with size, color and option selections during order entry, with each order-entry user, or groups of users, to follow a different workflow depending on the differing skill and industry expertise.


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