(Computer Aided Manufacturing)


PrefCAM is an extension of the engineering modules PrefWise and PrefCAD, to append information to the models with respect to their machining operations. This enables automatic transfer to production facility machinery, including Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines.


As this module includes an accurate 3D representation of the model of the product to be manufactured, PrefCAM is not limited to the connection of machining centers.


This information can be transmitted to multiple machines required for the fenestration industry, including welders, glass tables, saws and custom robotics,  including Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines. Examples of machine types that we have experience integrating to are:


-   Elumatec

-   Emmegi

-   Haffner

-   Kuka

-   Haas

-   Lemuth

-   Rapid Maschinenbau

-   Rotox

-   Schirmer

-   Haco

-   Stürtz.


We also work closely with a specialized CNC machining instruction software called camQuix.

This program sits between the LogiKal and PrefSuite products and the CNC equipment for automated aluminum profile milling. camQuix will read PrefSuite or LogiKal’s model data and machining requirements to automatically generate the machine code for any machine type.


This allows the user to connect easily to different machines when a facility has multiple machine types, simply by selecting the machine type from a drop down selection. Furthermore, by dynamically selecting / redirecting to another machine type, production will not be disrupted in the event of a hardware failure. It also allows for outsourcing some fabrication if a CNC work center is overloaded.

                                                (Computer Integrated Manufacturing)


PrefCIM’s main objective is to provide users with a paperless environment with real-time feedback and work center instructions. Touchscreen monitors enable PrefCIM stations located throughout the production plant, including:


• Worksheet and assembly instruction stations

• Profile cutting station

• Just-in-time optimization and remnant control station

• Packaging monitoring station

• Shipping monitoring station

• Quality control / end-of-line station

• Material purchase order reception station

• Re-order / re-production station


Many of our deployments of PrefCIM are also highly customized to fit our clients unique business processes – in this case, it is just a matter of assessing the information that needs to be drawn from the PrefSuite database, and determining when and the frequency of updating / synchronizing this information. The availability of this information for a customized PrefCIM station provides the possibility of a completely automated, paperless environment.


Feedback provided by PrefCIM can not only be used to inform managers on the status of orders, but also be assessed for productivity improvements or workflow / plant layout considerations, providing extraordinary value in visibility of bottlenecks or inefficient processes.


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