Building Envelope Software Technologies

Building Envelope Software Technologies was founded by professionals with backgrounds in the fenestration industry from leading IT companies.


We combine standout fenestration sector knowledge with first class consulting and implementation execution capabilities, ranging from engineering, IT and business process consulting.


With our global network, the best of breed practices from around the world feeds into our every day implementations providing unparallelled service for our clients.

Our beliefs

We appreciate that every business is unique, and requires time and effort to fully understand.


As a result, we focus on clients who are seeking extraordinary value and return on investment from long-term relationships with their software partners.


About our founder

Mr. Dan Andersen incorporated Preference North America (now known as Building Envelope Software Technologies or BEST)  in 2002.


Building the company by creating long-lasting partnerships with clients and drawing on experience from a long-serving career at IBM, Dan had the vision, leadership and energy to grow the business to what it is today, with two offices in North America providing clients with unique industry knowledge and leading-edge software solutions.


His legacy lives on through the energy, unparalleled expertise and commitment of his staff despite Dan’s passing in October 2014. Building Envelope Software Technologies continues to be managed by the Andersen family and will always retain his original ideals as the hallmark of the business.

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